OSRAM, LEDVANCE and ERGO – partners at eye level

18 April 2019
As a world’s leading lighting manufacturer, the well-known brand OSRAM has been writing history
for more than one hundred years. OSRAM offers a wide product range from innovative
technological lighting products and solutions with a broad product portfolio to intelligent networked
lighting solutions for urban environments, tailored to the individual customer requirements.

Special emphasis is placed on automotive lighting products and special lighting products.
LEDVANCE GmbH was spun-off from OSRAM Group, by focusing on lamps, smart home products
and standardized lightings for professional users and private clients. Being active in about 120
countries, both companies have production entities around the world.

Faced with the internationality of their business, both companies asked themselves how their
goods could be properly insured, especially during cross-national transports. At this point, ERGO
and INI came into play.

Already in 1979, when global economy and worldwide commodity flows were not yet an issue, a
handful of visionary insurers founded the International Network of Insurance (INI). Their goal was
to ensure that their customers were adequately insured and serviced abroad.

As a founding member right at the forefront: VICTORIA Insurance, later merged into ERGO
Insurance. The Network currently consists of about 120 market leading insurance companies
cooperating in the field of non-life insurance in order to offer international insurance programmes
and services for their commercial and industrial clients and brokers.
  • In many countries laws stipulate that insurance solutions are only possible with local insurers. For this reason, ERGO installs local policies with INI partners via the INI Network. INI offers numerous advantages to their customers: local contact persons and services for the client with the best local carriers (insurers among the TOP 5 in their respective countries).
  • Local (fronting) policies complying with all legal regulations in this country
  • Underwriting centrally controlled by ERGO
  • International claims coordination and settlement
For three years now, an international marine programme exists between OSRAM and ERGO. After
the separation from OSRAM, an additional marine insurance programme for LEDVANCE was
installed with ERGO and INI as well. The programmes comprise transit risks at sea and over land –
in more than 20 countries. According to the INI Service Commitment, claims up to 50,000 EUR are
settled by the local insurers. In case of major claims, ERGO will be involved in the handling

Examples for comprehensive assistance in the event of an emergency from last year are the

After a truck accident in Argentina in June 2007, LEDVANCE incurred a loss of around 20,000
USD, which was settled quickly.

ERGO also helped with the settlement of water damages occurred during a transport in Taiwan in
April 2017: Thousands of lamps were unusable.

A claim in Peru showed that the goods of LEDVANCE and respectively OSRAM are also
interesting for thieves: In April 2017, a whole container disappeared – amount of damage: 44,000 USD, paid by ERGO.

The good contractual relationship is also supported by regular meetings of the contact persons
from ERGO’s marine department, the INI department, the client and the supervising broker house.
During these meetings changes of the contract details such as coverage extensions in local
policies are discussed.

INI – International Network of Insurance

The International Network of Insurance (INI) consists of more than 120 market leading insurance
companies worldwide, working together in the field of non-life insurance to provide international
insurance programmes and services for their global commercial and industrial clients and brokers.