Fennia, Finland - The next steps of the new risk survey approach  

At Fennia, a new risk survey approach was developed to include the entire sales network and brokers in conducting risk surveys. The number of risk surveys conducted has been multiplied tenfold with increased quality and accuracy. Automating routines in both new sales and account management has enabled more time for customers and sales meetings. Customer feedback has been excellent, which has translated into undeniable, measurable results. You can also read the prior 2/2016 bulletin about this: http://www.ininetwork.com/zd111tlko2061omnkc3h.aspx?lang=3

Deepening collaboration

During the past year the platform has been taken into use at Safemode (www.safemode.pt) for conducting risk surveys. Safemode is the independent Risk Engineering company fully owned by the INI member Fidelidade in Portugal. Taking the platform into use has been a straightforward process. In two months, the configuration and basic setup, translation of contents and user trainings were accomplished. Roll-out to the whole team has conducted in the following months, with positive feedback from both customers and users.  Sharing best practices in risk management, sales and the service platform has been a fruitful opportunity to deepen collaboration between INI members. 

“Rohea’s experience in enabling the delivery of innovative risk tools and solutions for insurers was decisive for the successful implementation of a new and simplified risk assessment process within Fidelidade, the leading insurer group in Portugal. Customized specifically for the Portuguese environment, it closely supports our sales teams in assessing customers’ risks and required mitigation actions. The positive impact on our operational and sales processes, increasingly more efficient, can be measured on both our sales and increased number of customers assessed on a specific timeframe." Mr. Francisco Caetano, CEO at Safemode.

For more information about the platform and a more detailed presentation, please visit https://www.paceautomation.io/case-study/