2017 INI Performance Awards

We had the pleasure to award our best performing partners at our yearly INI Coordinators' Conference in Düsseldorf on 16-19 May 2017.

Best Performing Managing Companies - High Rating Volume

1. Baloise, Switzerland          Ø 3,69
2. MS Amlin, Belgium            Ø 3,69* 
3. Basler, Germany               Ø 3,68 

Best Performing Managing Companies - Low Rating Volume 

1. Reale Mutua, Italy              Ø 3,81
2. Fennia, Finland                 Ø 3,80
3. Achmea, Netherlands        Ø 3,70 

Best Performing Local Companies - High Rating Volume

1. Baloise, Switzerland           Ø 3,82
2. Fennia, Finland                 Ø 3,82*
3. Reale Mutua, Italy              Ø 3,79  

Best Performing Local Companies - Low Rating Volume

1. Triglav, Croatia                 Ø 3,83
2. ERGO Kindu, Estonia        Ø 3,76
3. DDOR, Serbia                   Ø 3,62

*When the rating was equal, the company with most ratings has been favoured

Individual Service Recognition Award 

1. Elisabeth Schroeder, ERGO Germany
    INI Coordinator & Account Handler

2. Darren Caspers & Team, Travelers US
    Managing Director - Global Services & Incoming Coordinator

3. Paolo Prochet, Reale Mutua Italy
    INI Liability Underwriter - Claims Coordinator & Accounting Expert

The award celebrates individuals with a strong dedication to INI, accomplishing extraordinary achievements for INI and providing ongoing excellent INI service. Nominated can be all persons working for INI at all Member Companies.