1. What is INI?

Established in 1979, INI is a Network of more than 120 market leading insurance companies, working together providing non-life insurance solutions for international customers and brokers globally.

2. What is the mission of INI?

“Working together to provide seamless international insurance solutions.”

3. How does INI choose its Partner Companies?

INI only selects financially sound leading commercial and industrial insurers who are major players in their own markets with the capability to provide a wide spectrum of know-how, resources, competence and experience in underwriting and servicing commercial/industrial risks.

4. Where is the Network represented?

The Network is represented in over 110 countries, spread over five continents.

5. What type of Clients does INI attract?

Companies with exposures outside their own countries who wish to purchase global and local insurance solutions for their foreign subsidiaries.

6. How is INI managed?

An independent office, the Network office in Brussels, Belgium, is responsible for the global management of the network, including network guidelines, knowledge management, partner relationship management, marketing, communication and IT development.

The Network Office is supervised by the Board of Directors of elected INI core Partners. Further assistance is provided to both bodies by the INI Advisory Committee of key INI Coordinators to continuously monitoring processes and procedures to improve quality.

7. How is business managed and conducted in the network?

All business is introduced into the Network by the INI managing insurer covering the parent clients. This INI managing company is the exclusive contact for brokers, clients and other INI partners abroad. All negotiations with brokers or clients about rates, terms and conditions are solely conducted and finally agreed with the INI managing company. Time consuming negotiations with local admitted insurers are usually not necessary.

The INI Partners will support the managing company by issuing local policies if necessary or requested. During such negotiations all local tariffs and legislative regulations as well as any existing commitments of the local companies also to certain clients are fully respected. It is our demand to be as compliant as possible.

Business is conducted via a real-time communication, data document information and account management platform called “INIconnect”.

8. What does the network enable its partner companies to offer its clients?

INI partner companies offer tailor-made property, liability and marine insurance programmes, negotiated centrally and handled locally by its partners.

9. What differentiates INI from other insurance networks?

Instead of flags on a map, INI partners are leading commercial and industrial insurers who are major players in their own markets with the capability, infrastructure and resources to offer fully compliant seamless solutions.

  • Global presence in over 110 Countries
  • Compliant with international and local legislation
  • Linked by contractual obligations and incorporating service standards
  • Common IT platform for business exchanges
  • Tailor made global insurance solutions
  • Quality monitoring & management
  • Offering all composite insurance lines
  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • Coordinated claims service involving both the programme leader and the local INI partner
  • Technical risk engineering
  • A centralized office in managing general operations
  • Annual partner meetings, trainings, conferences and frequent knowledge exchange
  • Cost efficient
  • All INI partners have dedicated Coordinators who act as the local focal point for all network business activity.

10. What is the advantage of having an INI Coordinator?

Each partner company has a locally appointed specialist dedicated to all INI matters within their company.

Their key role is to:

  • Act as a focal point for INI business within their company and with their company‘s customers.
  • Promote the INI Network both internally and externally
  • Internal knowledge center in respect of international business and the INI Network
  • Each Coordinator is supported by multidisciplinary teams of underwriting risk management and claims experts who can provide the full range of solutions provided.

11. How is the quality of the services provided by the network partners monitored?

Quality is monitored regularly by the Network Office using an interactive system of transactional monitoring of performance based on key performance indicators implemented in our transactional management system.